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Ms. Archana Gaur
M.A, Economics, B.Ed, Principal, CIS Travelled on educational tours to the US, UAE, Turkey & Ireland,
Study Abroad & Career Counselor

Message from the Principal’s Des

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to CIS. To be leading an organization as prestigious as CIS, is a privilege. The school works on the ideologies of ipsative learning i.e. to compete with self. We aim to provide every child with intrinsic motivation the child himself wants to study more. The school believes where that the child himself is his biggest competition and has given birth to four acts- Assessments for Learning, Child-centric books, Training that sticks and Service, which leads to measurable improvement in the child. As the leader of the institution I ensure best standard of education and personal development of students and the institutions grows up to be the best school in Lucknow.

At CIS, each student is believed to be a unique individual and together we aim to maximize every child’s potential, inspire human greatness, nurture leadership of thought and action and create consciousness of the needs of others.